Tsangs Group is a China-focused family office bridging China to the rest of the world.
Our Vision

To be the Number One China focused Family Office.

Our Mission

Bridging China to the rest of the world by creating value with positive influence and social impact to make the world a better place.

Our Strengths

Our Story

The family business was formed in the first half of the 1900s by the Tsang family from Hong Kong. Now in its fourth generation, the business is led by Chairman, Patrick Tsang, who began his entrepreneurial career while still at school and his corporate career in business and law in Hong Kong in the 1990s. Read more
  • We Bridge Cultural Barriers

    One of our focus is a one-stop solution for the culture barrier between China, Asia and the rest of the world.

    What is One Belt One Road Initiative?

    “One Belt One Road” Initiative (“OBOR”) was proposed by the Chinese President, Xi Jinping in 2013...

    Greater Bay Area

    The Greater Bay Area refers to the initiative proposed by the central government to combine Hong Kong, Macau and nine cities in the Guangdong province...
  • Block T Ventures

    Block T Ventures is the blockchain division of the Tsangs Group, which was incorporated in 2018. Read more
  • Our Investments

    Tsangs Group invests directly in special situation opportunities globally. We are sector and location agnostic and we have invested in a diverse range of sectors including TMT, ecommerce, FinTech, AI, robotics, IoT, clean tech, biotech, real estate, entertainment, e-sports, energy, blockchain and hospitality.
    • Press Room

      Here you will find press releases and information about Tsangs Group in the media.