Archisen is a Singapore-based agritech company that designs, builds, and operates solutions to grow ultra-fresh, ultra-local produce in cities. Founded by Sven Yeo and Vincent Wei, Archisen operates one of the highest yielding indoor farms in Singapore, with a projected yield of up to 100 tonnes of vegetables a year. Using Controlled-Environment Agriculture (CEA), Archisen is able to control every aspect of the climate from temperature, humidity, light intensity to composition of air. Thus, Archisen can configure the most conducive environments to bring out the natural, rich flavours of the plants and to retain their nutritional values. Archisen’s products are 100% local with no pesticides, preservatives or genetic modification, making them fresher, safer, and better than imported alternatives.

Today, Archisen provides quality products to leading retailers in Singapore through their flagship brand, Just Produce.

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